Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 2 - Wet from head to toe

Was awaken by drops of rain on top of the tent. Squeezed head out and got sprinkled with rain. It intensified in seconds. Pulled cell phone and the only thing I could see was time - 5:55AM and that 12% charge left before it shut down. Well, I wanted to check weather dot com app to look at the doppler. 

There was another thing a human does first thing in the morning... I sat and started packing things while waiting if rain goes away. I did not, but it slowed down and intensified again. Well, looked like a I had to find a pattern on the rain intensity to do things.

When I finally crawled out of the tent I found the Triumph in the middle of muddy puddle. I think I found none-grassy spot to put the bike on kick-stand - it ended up being the lowest. No problem, I have my waterproof boots on...

So, slowly packed, did not have breakfast, rolled out at 7:30AM - pretty late - had to wait out the rain to pack things one at the time - under a tree...

Here some pictures from last night

Here is another picture from yesterday, I just was able to use my MacBook Air to upload and work on a few pictures

Not many pictures to post, as I said, rain was all day long so I didn't pull any electronics out...

Here are some that I have

I used Motel's dryer to dry some of my cloths, including... everything that was on me and in the tank bag, little towels, gloves, neck warmer, even the t-shirt... The backpack got soaked as well... So, now, as I type, dinner is done, shower is used, rum seeped cigarette smoked and the only thing is left is click "PUBLISH"

Good night

UPDATE: Forgot to mentioned, today I crossed from state of New York into Massachusetts then Vermont, New Hampshire and finally got settled in Maine in the motel...

This morning, while stopped somewhere in New York to get some casj=h from Bank of America, I also called the port of St. John's to find the details about the ferry. Well, since I already knew I would not be on time for 11PM ferry, I inquired about Saturday's schedule and was told that 12PM Saturday ferry is fully booked. The price for a motorcycle and one passenger is $100 Canadian dollars - screw that, I'm riding around...

Will plan my route according to timing, so far I'm behind the schedule.. No shit I scheduled 16-19 hours per day... Well, "overcommitted and underachieved" then...


  1. That's it! Saving up for a new bike!

  2. Зачётно! Интересно, молодцом Сакеныч!!!!!!!